Intro 📈

An eye opening experience, it was, getting to attend HR Tech Summit in Toronto last week. During our time on the conference floor, we had the pleasure of meeting with some very bright people currently driving the future HR Tech disruption in Canada. During this event, we managed to get a sneak peak on what’s to come with a number of up and coming bootstrapped startups.

Currently deciding upon a number of investment opportunities, these companies have developed and deployed solutions with limited resources, and now collectively take on a sizable chunk of the Canadian human resources technology market. All of them (ripe for major investment) see the potential to take traditional corporate processes and completely turn them on their heads.

Companies That Stood Out

Fintros is the first real Blind Recruitment Marketplace that anonymizes candidate profiles, and lets HR leaders hire based purely on merit and firm fit. Fintros provides access to top-performing passive candidates, improves the candidate experience, and promotes diversity. This company has initially focused their efforts on major financial organizations, where hard skills and IQ matters more than most. However, word on the block says they’re soon expanding into new markets.

Vacation Fund is a research-backed benefit for your employees. It allows employees to direct a portion of their paycheque into a separate account, and allows employers to match a portion of their contribution. Not only does this make people’s dream trips more financially attainable, but it also encourages them to take time off, away from the office. This company made a heavy hit at the HR Tech Den competition, winning the 20K marketing campaign over 7 other male presenters.

InstageVR is an Enterprise-grade Virtual Reality (VR) Technology combined with company-specific VR content, that takes role-play based training to a new level. Compared with the antiquated method of role-playing with co-workers, InStage role-playing exercises are Measurable, Consistent, Repeatable, And Fun. If you are someone who gives presentations, or helps others prepare for theirs, this tool has massive potential to make an impact on the HR space.

Smart Refer is the world's first blockchain job referral marketplace. As of now, the platform is exclusive to technology professionals, and serves companies around the world with personalized referrals that gives incentive to users through social networking and gamification - specifically focusing diversity in the workplace. When a referral gets hired, the sender will receive cash. This company is well on their way to making a real change in the job referral ecosystem.

What BubbleHR Had To Say

BubbleHR is a data-driven video-based assessment platform that aims to help hiring managers build teams with a balanced skill set. The system leaves out details such as the candidate’s age, sex, and race to ensure the right person is hired solely for their skills. The platform takes a fresh approach to video interviews. Instead of profiling candidates based on stereotypes of top performers, the assessment looks at applicants who are likely to bring ‘new energy’ to the team, the company said.“ - HRD Magazine Canada


Overall, we believe that from our experience, 2018 is year to highlight when it comes to disruptive companies entering the Canadian HR Tech market. It was a surprisingly positive experience for us getting to attend and learn about all of the latest strategies, best practices, and innovations that are shaping the future of work around the world. Toronto is becoming a major hub for all things technology, and the companies listed today demonstrate that we have a lot to look forward to here in Canada. Make sure to subscribe as we cover these high potential startups growing for the remainder of the year into 2019.