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Canada, a neighbouring country, hasn't historically been the topic of conversation when it comes to new and innovative technologies changing the world. However, it is evident that Canada excels in long term growth, specifically pertaining to Internet of Things, Cloud Software, Clean, and Health Technology, which are all expected to double by 2025.

This constant growth gives Canada a significant seat to participate in global markets. With British Columbia and Ontario leading the way, the country is great place to work and live, no mater what workers conditions and goals are. Here are 3 reasons why people choose to pursue tech employment in this country:  

Meaningful Missions

Canadian technology is driven by meaningful missions; to create positive change in every aspect of our daily lives. More specifically, to develop clean energy, drive economic growth and create good jobs. The endeavour to improve culture and enrich diversity has always been a core part of Canada’s growth plan, so it is no wonder the country has become a world leader for data-based businesses, among other areas in the booming IT sector.

HR departments at company’s like Accenture, Shaw, HP, and Rogers, have demonstrated an innate ability to make significant improvements to the way we hire and retain diverse work forces. Talented people from around the world have been attracted by the purposeful careers that companies like these offer. As high achieving graduates take the first steps into their careers, it is essential that Canadian recruitment teams effectively communicate the mission their company is on.

Persistent Leadership

Iconic leaders in Canadian history consisting of politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and doctors have proven themselves respectable in the way they bring positive change to Canadian technology innovation, and ultimately the rest of the world. With systems and processes run by such leaders, it is without a doubt, one of the primary reasons why talented people choose to work in this country. Canadian leaders have always been persistent, despite their adversity with processes to achieve such results for the economy.

Dating back to the late 1800’s when Sir John A Mcdonald was defeated over the Pacific Scandal. He courageously came back again to win his election, with a bigger majority than when he was thrown out. Through many attempts to dethrone his regained position of power, Macdonald asserted his administration. A leader who stood up for our nation in so many vital points in history has shaped the way his following leaders have made significant decisions impacting today’s international and global affairs.

Thriving Societies

As meaningful missions and persistent leadership power Canada’s growth culture, it’s no wonder Fortune 500 company’s like Microsoft, Amazon, and Cisco are looking north for their new home. “An innovation nation” some are calling it. Canadian economic growth can only be attributed to the people that manage the progress towards such goals, but on a much broader level, the societies that thrive under Canadian legislation and policy are the ones to credit for the true value that this country offers to exceptionally talented workers from within and around the globe.

Canada has some rich history beneath the soil, and for this reason, there are so many people that see it as an ideal home for their employment. For many people seeking mid-senior level jobs internationally, growth is often top of mind when considering new opportunities. From a personal beliefs standpoint, Canada makes it easy for anyone to pursue their own lives freely, resulting in a generally happier population. Cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto have stood out as hubs for a number of the nations most prestigious organizations supporting the entire realm of paths, no matter how workers choose to live their lives personally or professionally.

Attracting Talent In and To Canada

Statistics from The State Of Hiring In Canada by Robert Half predict a shortage of Canadian tech workers by the year 2020. Even with constant economic growth, it is obvious recruitment teams need to invest more time in improving the things such as sourcing strategy, screening methodology, and onboarding approaches to ensure the best possible candidate experience. Especially when it comes to altering the decison of ones career move outside of their country.

Using the listed reasons in this article, your recruitment team can use the “show, don’t tell” approach to portray the mission, leadership style, and growth of your organization to prospective talent. This will help people get a better understanding of how your company and the country you work in, values them and their career desires. It is proven that adding just a single video to your careers page will make candidates 10X more engaged.

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